A Description of AN EXCELLENT Indian Tribe With Honorable Blood vessels Generations of Chiefs

A Description of AN EXCELLENT Indian Tribe With Honorable Blood vessels Generations of Chiefs

It was an excellent indian tribe with honorable bloodstream generations of chiefs, every one of them specialized in a righteousness life-style and more important, specialized in lead their persons in the correct way packed with justice and equality.

It was in order that for many decades participants of the tribe admired their chiefs quite definitely, realizing these were lucky for having such great leaders. In addition to these emotions, this admiration was fed by the prophecies of several of the tribe's wizards that resided since the creation of the tribe. All of the prophecies created by the wizards depicted many generations to come packed with pleasure, justice, and equality, that have been signs of an extremely long lasting period of peace for the tribe. But on the other hand all of the prophecies agreed in a single thing: since there is absolutely no complete perfection on the planet a period would come when all of the years of peace and pleasure would come to an end bringing a cold blooded leader packed with greed and hate that could bring the tribe near its end through the violence of his soul. This might not be the finish thou, because a while after his loss of life his own son will be sacrificed and consumed by sadness as a way to end the dark period of his fathers ruling. He'd marry his mom and kill his dad, without knowing it.

So it came your day when a different sort of chief commenced to rule the tribe. This leader's brand was Wind of Rage and he previously a completely different method of thinking he was filled up with dreams of conquest


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