A Dialogue on Why Divorce Costs Have Risen within the last 50 Years

A Dialogue on Why Divorce Costs Have Risen within the last 50 Years

Explain why divorce costs have risen within the last 50 years

The number of divorces has increased a whole lot in past times 50 years. In the 1960s there were roughly 30,000 divorces each year, whereas in the first 2000s there were round 120,000. The divorce rate implies that, according to Chandler (2006) normally, 40% of most marriages will result in a divorce.

One of the reasons for the upsurge in the divorce charge is changes in regulations. In the last 50 years there were three main alterations in the law which have made divorce easier and for that reason more prevalent: equalising the lands for divorce between your sexes, widening the lands for divorce and producing divorce cheaper. The lands for divorce were equalised in 1923 which change caused a growth in the amount of divorce petitions from females. In 1971, the Divorce Law Reform Act of 1969 widened the lands for divorce to ‘irretrievable breakdown’ – this ensures that couples just had to show that the matrimony was unsalvageable to get a divorce. No different requirements needed to be met, which means this led to a huge upsurge in the divorce rate. Divorce was produced cheaper in 1949 when legal help was introduced, thus making divorce considerably more attainable for working course couples and again adding to rise in the amount of divorces.

Mitchell and Goody (1997) argue that among the most crucial known reasons for the upsurge in the divorce rate may be the declining


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