A Literary Research of the primary Character Celie in the colour Purple

A Literary Research of the primary Character Celie in the colour Purple

By: Alice Walker

1. The main character in THE COLOUR Purple is a black Georgia girl named Celie. She actually is uneducated and runs on the non-standard dialect when writing and speaking. She was created right into a poor family. Her mom was ill most of the time, and there were way too many kids. She was raped by her daddy, who she later realizes is really her step-father. She has hardly any self-worth and self-esteem. Ultimately she actually is able to overcome the sexual and racial oppression that she's had to face.

2. Among the minor individuals is Shug Avery. She actually is a blues singer who teaches Celie about love and self-esteem. Initially she appears to be selfish and arrogant. She attempts to avoid the reality about who she is really. She actually is uncompromisingly honest, actually, her first phrases to Celie were, "You sure is usually ugly." Naturally she actually is manipulative and superficially favorite. She's a "free spirit." She's filled with life on level, and it would appear that she lives a nice life. The fact that she sings blues is because of the lonely isolation she seems.

Another minor character can be Mr.----- or Albert. He's the moody, vicious gentleman that Fonso chooses as Celie's husband. He is fairly an evil man, and surprisingly poor. His mistreatment of Celie is very unnecessary, but his adoration of Shug displays a gentle side. Albert's father didn't raise him to come to be independent, but instead to provide his father's own needs. As he grew


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