An Argument Against a Christian in Living the road Taught by Buddha

An Argument Against a Christian in Living the road Taught by Buddha

Can a person raised as a Christian learn

to live the road taught by Buddha?

When mentioned to some the one which is uneducated about Buddhism that I'm going for a class on Buddhist philosophy there's always a specific question than comes up. Quite often this problem is worded differently, but primarily the wording comes after the lines of: "For anyone who is doing that?" with emphasis that borderlines on blasphemy or sacrilege. Although standard tenets of Buddha's teachings happen to be straightforward and practical: there is nothing permanent; all activities have consequences; switch is always possible. Buddha's philosophy could be applied to anyone irrespective of her or his background including culture, religious beliefs or gender.

Christians often have many misconceptions about the teachings of Buddha. In comparing both beliefs, I've found that many of the concepts are normal in both teachings. Christianity and Buddhism simply clarify their beliefs with distinct terms, nonetheless they both are in essence the same. These beliefs make clear the path forever leading to the same final vacation spot.

Among the misconceptions Christians have about Buddhism is usually that they view Buddhism as a faith that worships a fake God referred to as Buddha. Buddha never claimed to become a God, but simply a guy. "The Buddha had not been only a individual; he claimed no motivation from any god or external power either. Based on the Christian bible it really is against the coaching of God to worship idols since it is written in Leviticus 26:1



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