An Launch to the Origins and Background of the activity of Golf

An Launch to the Origins and Record of the activity of Golf

In 1788, one of many greatest days in sports activities, the first course was built

in Scotland. Scotland is known as to get the birthplace of golfing. The game of

golf started its destiny with time towards becoming popular all over the world. This

weird and complex game didn't reach america until 1844, in NY,

where the first golf course was designed. Some where with time golf lost

its prestige in the United States. The experts are mostly the just ones

that regard this game how it ought to be treated. Some Americans haven't any respect

and do not know what they are carrying out to the overall game. The Scottish are very

different because they understand and handle the game how it ought to be treated,

with prestige and etiquette. Golfers which may have taken up the overall game in the states

just don't possess the same attitude towards the overall game. I wish persons would realize

how the overall game is said to be played and treated.

I think among the significant reasons golf is taken much more serious in Scotland is

because it originated there and


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