Essay with regards to a Walk in the Park

A Stroll inside the Playground

Have you ever considered time from your busy schedule and simply sat straight down at any area and just watched? At first you don't see nearly anything special except an assemblage of people, raucous playful children, and the infrequent burning sting of a mosquito that just realized you lunch break. You would find people picnicking, dogs frolicking, and people over a personal mission jogging through the park. Every it takes to truly see is you opening the eyes, ears, heart and mind to truly embrace living and magnificence of a area. It's always hard to miss the bright red, checkered tablecloth, the smell of barbeque poultry on a grilling with charcoal grill, and the sight with the inevitable and must have, typical mahogany shaded wooden, stiched basket. In the event you look a little closer you will see much more. You will see love dancing out of the mothers' eyes as she wrist watches her twins sitting at the picnic desk playing with their plastic, ideal Barbie dolls. It is amazing how you have blonde frizzy hair, sky blue eyes as well as the most cute round cheeks you have ever seen. Then a other one has straight brown hair and emerald green eyes with an oval face the same as her mothers. Looking at these people you can see they may be a solid relatives full of love for their two beautiful daughters. Then if you just glance to the proper, at the bottom with the grassy hillside right near to the river over a brown umbrella you can see one other family going to begin. You are able to almost feel his heart beating coming from a hundred back yards away as you watch him get on one knee and slowly draw a ring by is pocket sized on his Snively 2

frayed discolored skinny jeans and offers to his girlfriend, inside the quietest tone of voice possible, if perhaps she would end up being his for the remainder of his lifestyle. You see her pause for a split second ahead of she leaps on top of him screaming, " Yes! Yes! Yes! " These are the limited things in every area of your life that make it worth your money out of bed each day. All you at any time really hear at first may be the loud, obnoxious bark in the bull mastiffs and then...

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