Anthropolgy: Discipline Experient Composition

Stephanie Saintyl

Personal Anthropology

April 23, 2013

At the beginning of the semester, I was not aware of what certain things I would personally be researching in Guide to Anthropology. I failed to even really know what anthropology was and was just currently taking it to fill my personal pre-requisites necessity. Now that the class is coming to an end, I realized that I discovered so much about my lifestyle, self, and my community that I was unaware of ahead of. There were …topics that I believed deeply about and realized that I can seriously relate to contest, language, the book We never really recognized there was a positive change between competition and ethnicity. Usually when folks mention it, they are mentioning them since synonyms of each other; neither did I know that there have been specific strategies to classify someone by their contest. I personally am African American, yet both of my parents are Haitian. When people request me what race I am I explain I'm African American. However , after they ask what ethnicity I am I explain I'm Haitian. The reason why I actually tell them Now i am Haitian is basically because ethnicity is dependent on cultural comparison among culture such as terminology, ancestry, religious beliefs, and location. When I i am at home my parents both speak Creole or People from france, we usually eat a large amount of Caribbean food, and we show up at a Haitian church that many of the people speak Creole or The french language. It never truly occurred to me why do I state Im Dark-colored when talking about my contest, but claim I'm Haitian when talking about my racial. I think is actually due to the fact that culture always have four main classes to choose from when choosing what type of competition you happen to be. For example , whenever we take a standard test or a survey, our company is asked to pick the type of contest you are from a directory of Black/African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, or other. Society generally never requests specifics and simply generalizes people under one of the 4 groups, even though all of us have an racial behind the race. One more thing that I identified very...

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