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Looking for Alibrandi is filled with conflict and rivalry, it is why is the publication interesting and us addicted to what will happen following. Fundamentally the characters and situations in the novel support us be familiar with difficulties teenagers go through every day. It is through such issues that we is able to see the cultural traditions, family members relationships and pressures of life that Josie looks.

One of Josie's hardships this lady has to go through is definitely the struggles after her mother died, father and nonna. In most modern day family members it is all too common pertaining to the parents to be divorced, and everyday it might be more and more accepting and typical. In Josie's case she never really thought of her distant father, " My mother had told me about him once and once just. I've under no circumstances heard call him by his name mentioned as. ” And so obviously nor of Josie or Christina cared regarding Michael, Josie's biological dad. And when Josie finally complies with her daddy she has never met the girl gets furious and problems, and seems like she wants to hurt him like this individual has to her mother for 16 years. Josie selects to act cold towards for father till he will save her by getting removed and sued from reaching poison ivy with a science book. All their relationship develops when Michael takes her to Adelaide and shows how much of the caring defensive father figure he's. As we move onto Nonna we all she that Josie considers she is as well overbearing and selfish that is constantly worried about her and exactly how she is pictured in the Italian language community. As soon as Nonna takes to Josie about her life plus the hardships the lady had to proceed through, " This individual treated myself like among his plantation animals” the girl states. Josie realizes Nonna is just aiming to protect her like your woman had to guard Christina and comes to the conclusion that she is in fact " loved by both the most most powerful women the girl could ever meet. ” As for Christina, Josie see her as simply an above protective, irritating mother whom won't allow her go out with her friends. But as the story evolves Josie learns that...

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