Police Wrong doings Essay

Hamza G Case study: married to a murderer FIDO= Facts problems Decisions Viewpoints


1 . In 1998, Heather Ennis sent applications for manger the Elks Membership in Royal prince Albert Saskatchewan and received the position 2 . She started out her focus on July fifteenth and worked approximately to July 24th 3. Your woman took 3 days off job to see her husband

4. Your woman met her husband through a friend of any friend

5. That they had a strong set up relationship

6. Which led to their marriage

7. Having been convicted to get 6 rely of extra murder


The issue in cases like this there was a girl named Heather Ennis who worked at Elks Club as bouffer she been worked with them from This summer 15th to July twenty fourth. Then within the 26th of July the lady takes off several days to find out her spouse who was convicted for 6 murder expenses and without losung for 25 years, so he was pretty much was in jail for any sentence of life. Then a article covers how she meets the guy, Heather Ennis complies with this guy away a friend of your friend. Gowns how they both equally established a relationship and over a time period they got serious about this relationship and results in all of them getting married although he remained incarcerated. Upon July twenty sixth Heather goes toward the jail to visit her husband since she travelled in a person in the elks club whom worked in the prison noticed her. In my opinion when he observed the fact that Elks Team hired women who was wedded to David Ennis the person who was found guilty of killing. The Table of the team had a appointment on the twenty ninth the day once she was suppose to come back back to function, they have made the decision about her termination. Heather Ennis didn't even received any causes of her termination, and there was clearly also zero evidence that she performed anything wrong to get terminated. Later Heather Ennis believed the reason for her termination was mainly because she was married to David Ennis. In this article the girl arguing the fact if they are in order to fire her because she's married to a...

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