Automobile and South Africa Composition

Mark Freed

Worldwide Business Management

Doctor Z

September 18, 2011


1 . ) Social differences include a great impact on how Renault-Nissan operates in South Africa. South Africa is known for its ethnic and social diversity. Consequently , in my opinion they would need managers that know the country and just how its people do business. Even though some of South Africa is a lot like European Europe, you will discover eight several languages spoke in S. africa, so creating a person from Rosslyn controlling the plant will be beneficial. S. africa has been called the " rainbow” nation, I believe that in order for Renault-Nissan to be successful they are going to have to do their very own homework and find a person that knows the country's customs and traditions to lead them in to an rising market in South Africa.

installment payments on your ) Culture is a huge aspect in Auto product sales. For example , in Europe gas is around $8. 00 a gallon, in the event that Ford took their F-250 (which gets around 12mpg) into the Euro market it would fail miserably. It is not for the reason that Ford F-250 is not really a quality truck, it is because this kind of truck does not fit into what is now area of the European traditions. Also Europeans do not have precisely the same tastes in cars that Americans accomplish that, car corporations do research to find out what Europeans look for if they are buying a car. This is how traditions affects the auto market.

3. ) I do certainly not believe that it is possible for a car company to transcend countrywide culture and produce a global automobile that may be accepted by simply people in each and every culture. Although car corporations can get apart for making a regional vehicle for a specific region worldwide, there are lots of cultural differences that that affect every market to produce a " worldwide” vehicle. Like I explained before Europeans have different preferences in vehicles than Americans, Africans, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, and the remaining world.

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