CISCO CHAPTER 11 Dissertation

CCNA R& S: Introduction to Systems

Chapter eleven:

It's a Network

Arvin T. Pineda

Kenji G. Sarmiento

Jomari Manalastas

Jose Marie Dinoy


Small Network Topologies

Unit Selection to get a Small Network

Redundancy in a Network

The smaller the network, the less the chance that redundancy of kit will be inexpensive. Therefore , one common way to introduce redundancy is by making use of redundant switch connections among multiple fuses on the network and among switches and routers.

As well, servers often have multiple NIC ports that enable unnecessary connections to just one or more buttons. In a small network, servers typically are implemented as net servers, data file servers, or perhaps email machines.

Design Things to consider for a Tiny Network

Users expect instant access to their emails also to the data that they are writing or modernizing. To help assure this availableness, the network designer is going to take the following actions:

Step 1. Safeguarded file and mail machines in a central location.

Step 2. Protect the place from not authorized access by implementing physical and logical security steps.

Step 3. Generate redundancy in the server farm that ensures if 1 device fails, files are not lost.

Step 4. Configure unnecessary paths towards the servers.

Determining Network Planning and Style Factor

Prevalent Protocols in a Small Network

Real-Time Applications for a Small Network

In addition to the prevalent network protocols described previously, modern businesses, even tiny ones, typically utilize real-time applications to get communicating with buyers and business partners.

When a small company will not be able to rationalize the cost of an venture Cisco Telepresence solution, there are other current applications, because shown in Figure one particular, that are inexpensive and justifiable for small company organizations.

Scaling a Small Network

To scale a network, several factors are required:

Network documentation -- physical and logical topology

Device inventory - list of products that use or perhaps comprise the network

Budget -- itemized IT budget, which includes fiscal yr equipment getting budget

Traffic evaluation - protocols, applications, and services and their respective visitors requirements needs to be documented.

Protocol Analysis for the Small Network

Supporting and growing a small network needs being familiar with the protocols and network applications running over the network. Even though the network supervisor will have additional time in a small network environment to individually evaluate network usage for each network-enabled device, an even more holistic approach with some type of software- or hardware-based protocol analyzer highly recommended.

As demonstrated in the figure, protocol analyzers enable a network specialist to quickly compile statistical information about visitors flows on a network.

Changing Protocol Requirements

A network administrator in a network has the capacity to obtain in-person IT

" snapshots” of employee application utilization for any significant portion of the employee workforce over time. These snapshots typically include data such as: OPERATING-SYSTEM + OPERATING-SYSTEM Version

Non-Network Applications

Network Applications


Drive Utilization

RAM Utilization

Categories of Hazards to Network Security

After the hacker profits access to the network, several types of threats may well arise: Info theft

Identity theft

Info loss/manipulation

Disruption of service

Physical Security

The four classes of physical threats will be:

Hardware dangers -...

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