«Because I Could Not Quit for Death» by Emily Dickinson and «I Read A Travel Buzz-When We Died». Dissertation

Emily Dickinson's poems " Because I can Not Stop for Death", and " I Read A Soar Buzz-When I Died", the two deal with one of life's few certainties, fatality.

Dickinson's powerful curiosity towards mortality was present in most of her work, and is her legacy being a poet.

" Because I could Not Stop for Death" is one among Emily Dickinson's most discussed and popular poems due to the ambiguous, and unique

approach to the popular subject of death. Death with this poem can be told as being a woman's last trip, which can be headed toward eternity. This poem really helps to characterize and bring fatality down to an even more personal

level. Different from popular views of death being

brutal and cruel, Dickinson makes death seem passive and easy.

The theme of the poem being that death is natural and unstoppable for just anybody, but concurrently giving comfort that it is not the end of your soul's quest. The reader may recognize the poem's motif by analysing its voice, imagery, characters of talk, form, diction and especially symbolism; all of which ensure that the reader to understand the poem's meaning. The actual form that Dickinson uses throughout the poem helps express her communication to the audience. The composition is crafted in five quatrains. How each stanza is created i!

in a strain gives the poem unity and makes it set up. " Mainly because I Could Not Stop for Death" starts to gives the audience a feeling of ahead movement through the second and third ep?tre. For example , with 5, Dickinson begins death's journey with a slow, forwards movement, which can be seen as your woman writes, " We slowly drove-He recognized no haste. "

Another quatrain seems to speed up while the trinity of fatality, immortality, plus the speaker complete the children playing, the areas of wheat, and the establishing sun a single after an additional. The composition seems to acquire faster since life goes thru its training course. In lines seventeen and 18, however , the poem generally seems to slow down as Dickinson publishes articles, " We all paused before a House that seemed / A Swelling of...

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