Book Report: Ghost Soldier Essay

Ghosting Soldier by, Elaine Meters. Alphin

Record by, Safia Nizami

Stirrup-a cycle, ring, or other contrivance of steel, wood, leather, etc ., revoked from the saddle of a horse to support the rider's foot. Her feet was stuck in the stirrup. Musket-a weighty, large-caliber smoothbore gun pertaining to infantry military, introduced inside the 16th century. He taken the musket. Hospitable-receiving or perhaps treating friends or unknown people warmly and generously. That was a differ hospitable friends and family. Siege-the take action or technique of surrounding and attacking a fortified put in place such a means as to isolate it from help and supplies, when it comes to lessening the resistance from the defenders and thereby making capture possible. Sherman's March was a siege. Archives-documents or perhaps records concerning the activities, organization dealings, and so forth, of a person, family, firm, association, community, or region. That drawer is felled with records Mortars-a receptacle of hard material, using a bowl-shaped cavity in which substances are reduced to natural powder with a pestle. Minie ball-a conical bullet with a hollow base that expanded once fired, used in the 19th century. if he shot the gun a minie ball fired. Cretin-a stupid, cruche, or mentally defective person. He is cretin. Mellow-soft and rich, as sound, hues, color, or light. That color is usually mellow Percussion-a sharp blow for detonating a percussion cap or the fuze of your artillery shell. The carambolage of all the gun fire hurt my the ears.

Conflict- Alexander dose not need to go to his dads girlfriends house in NC. And dose not need his father to remarry his mother left him. He must help richeson find out what happened to his family. h

Climax-When Alexander goes toss the window of your energy and Richeson asks for his help.

Resolution-Alexander assists Richeson's and come to terms with his own past.

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