Jazz Record Essay

My spouse and i attended the University Symphony Orchestra's " An Evening of Handel, Schubert, and Haydn" on Thurs night, September 35, 2003 in the Daniel Recital Hall. The hall was much more populated than I expected. At the beginning of the live show, the band was placed on the stage; the men wore tuxedos, plus the women wore black dresses or trousers. The concertmaster came out to tune the orchestra, and then the director made his entrance and gave a brief description in the piece that was about to get played. George Frideric Handel's Overture to Music for the Regal Fireworks was composed during the Baroque time. It has a homophonic texture as well as genre is actually a suite. There exists a wide variety of tools (aerophones, chordophones, and membranophones) used in this kind of piece. Among the wind musical instruments (woodwinds and brass) heard were bassoon, oboe, People from france horn, and trumpet. The strings played out included the violin, viola, cello, and double bass. Finally, the percussion tool used for this kind of piece was your timpani. This kind of movement can be broken down in to four areas by tempo: Adagio, Decrescendo, Lentement, and Allegro. The Adagio section begins having a slow advantages at a mezzoforte active. This section is at a major crucial and set in quadruple meter. It has a wide selection and a great ascending melody. There are brief cadences as well as the section expands in a crescendo. The volume and energy of this section holds the interest of the fan base and creates a proud and joyful feeling. The Decrescendo section commences at a mezzopiano dynamic level, and it is in multiple meter. It is performed in a major key, and is also largely conjunct in activity. The tune has an ascending shape since it moves in a crescendo. The fast " cadence " of this section creates a thrilling and enthusiastic mood. The Lentement section has a gradual pace and is played within a minor crucial. It is homophonic and in duple meter. The tempo provides an impressive smooth and relaxing disposition. This section includes a decrescendo and is also conjunct which has a relatively narrow range. Finally,...

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