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Stephen Fung


Louis Leung.

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Stephen Fung is a computer software architect and developer who had been born in Toronto with his closest friend and eventual co-founder of Archon Systems, Louis Leung. Louis has received experience working for major companies such as Sunshine Microsystems, Research In Motion and several other consulting companies as well experience in Canada, Hong Kong and India. On the other hand, Stephen Fung got worked in IBM, Yahoo, Sun Microsystems, having won many academic awards. Stephen graduated first in his faculty having a Bachelors of Math from the University of Waterloo, with a double-major in Computer Research and Combinatorics & Marketing. While Louis also managed to graduate from Waterloo with variation, having received a Bachelor of Math, majoring in Computer Science. (Archon Devices, 2008)

Business & Function

Having attained in 2003 while undertaking internships in Silicon Valley they will became incredibly good friends and built a partnership taking care of school jobs which would the develop into starting a company jointly called Archon Systems. The corporation was a software design firm specializing in application for businesses. Having received a consultancy task to design and make a custom-made inventory system for a corporate and business client both Stephen and Louis started out working on all their product inFlow which is today currently ranked the 49th fastest developing company simply by PROFIT Journal. (Archon Devices, 2008) Equally Stephen and Louis identified that this was obviously a suboptimal remedy, which become a huge hit to a niche within the industry in terms of their business model. Identifying the opportunity by realizing that their particular client base might opt for grouped together software if perhaps there was anything suitable in the marketplace, because the software choices were either also complicated and expensive or just not highly effective enough to fulfill their customers demands. This relates to the need for soreness....

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