Chanda’s Secrets-the Stigma of Aids Article

Stigma is demonstrated throughout various subjects; overweight, mental condition and the strongest and worse stigma; the stigma of AIDS. The stigma of AIDS is usually clearly shown through a effective story placed in the middle of the African HIV and HELPS pandemic. The novel Chanda's secrets effectively demonstrates the stigma of AIDS simply by portraying character types blinded by fear, becoming ashamed, feeling sinful, and living in denial. The judgment is displayed through a maturation young girl's point of view, seeing others as well as as very little confronting the several ‘symptoms' in the stigma and what steps both she and the various other characters accepted overcome all of them. To begin with, becoming blinded by fear can be associated with the Stigma of AIDS. Most people are blinded by fear when it comes to shaming the family members. When people are not able to see beyond the fear, wrong and illogical decisions are made. Fear of the family staying shamed is actually a large difficulty throughout the book. In the region of Bonang and other Bass speaker Saharan villages, most people will head to high extents to protect the family name, therefore leading to irrational decisions. In the book Chanda's Secrets, after Chanda's Granny explained they kept Lilian by a cows post within an old hut, she said " I'm sorry Chanda, this is a small town, we failed to know what different to do” (Stratton, pg. 77). The previous few words illustrate that when blinded by dread people would take the impossible, unreasonable path. They hid mama where no one would see her. They forgotten her in her last dying hours because they were doing not want to appear with her encase any kind of passing villagers saw all of them. They would be a disgrace towards the neighbourhood and to their forefathers.

Also, fear of what people will certainly think ties in with staying blinded by fear. In a judgemental contemporary society, one mistake and a person is marked forever. When it comes to a deadly disease such as AIDS, no one will certainly forget whom and which usually family provides it. Fear of what people is going to think of one when wanted to have the disease leads to...

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