Charles Dickens: Carrying a Burden of Cultural Responsibility Dissertation

Charles Dickens: Having a Burden of Social Responsibility

Charles Dickens' classic storia A Xmas Carol, is targeted on the cultural responsibility from the wealthy to aid the poor and fewer fortunate. Dickens, having occupied poverty since a child, knew of the many struggles from the lower course of London. As a writer, he made that his target to change England as best he could. Many of his works happened to run in his every week journal, Household Words, which include " Christmas Stories" and Great Anticipations. In a Holiday Carol, Dickens stresses the actual that the freelance writers of that time carried a unique burden of talking out for people who lived in lower income and could hardly speak out for themselves.

Dickens published A Christmas Jean in 1843. He had posted numerous works of fiction and testimonies prior to this. But every one of his articles seemed to include a common topic. He wished people to be aware of the poor and the need for a social reform. " Even though Dickens was now an extremely successful novelist, he continued to be interested in cultural reform. " (" Charles Dickens: Biography”). Dickens likewise published Home Word coming from 1850-1859. This publication once again focused on " reform and improvements inside the education with the poor. " (" Charles Dickens: Biography”). Dickens was one of the best novelist of all time. But he was a lot better of getting his point across through his articles and producing people conscious of the world around them.

Ebenezer Scrooge, in A Christmas Carol, is the precise opposite of Charles Dickens. At least at the start from the story. He was a prosperous man who also did not love anyone nevertheless himself. Having been a very obstinate old man whom didn't need anything to perform with any individual but him self. Two males approached Scrooge and informed him that lots of of the poor would rather perish, Scrooge responded, " If they would rather die, that they had better take action, and decrease the population. " (Dickens- 13) Unlike Dickens, Scrooge did not care in any way about poor people and needed no part in looking to help them or perhaps try to force...

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