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CIS 210



Automated devices exist to relieve the effort required by manual system e. g. publishing a notification by hand can be easily performed through many existing term processors that provide various format and paging options. In case there is automated inventory system, the complete inventory management and re-stocking can easily be carried out. Moreover, there may be less probability of errors although handling shares and hence, fewer strain. Computerized inventory devices provide fast notifications of sale, acquisitions, in-stock requirements etc and could help a small company to blossom through correct guidance. This document shall detail regarding different requirements needed to setup an automated inventory system for any small business. Requirements

Following are the requirements

1) Proper products both electric and digital e. g. point-of-sale looking at and pcs. 2) Priced at software electronic. g. spreadsheet like MS Excel

3) Current inventory count and data immigration from manual files to databases 4) Maintenance requirements for software and hardware


1) A quad-core system intended for acting as being a database machine, having the right OS electronic. g. House windows Server 2012 and relational database e. g. MS SQL Hardware 2012. 2) Computer/Laptop for your sister to oversee jobs.

3) A basic Inventory system e. g. ASAP system allowing administration of inventory 4) Bar code reader

5) Urgent power (UPS) because an alternate power source in the event of emergency shutdown. 6) LOCAL AREA NETWORK cables for networking involving the server plus your sister's notebook. Cost

1) Quad-core Repository Server: $1000 (tigerdirect. com)

2) Laptop: $500 (Walmart. com)

3) Basic inventory system: $750 (Googleshop. com)

4) Bar code Reader: $22.99 (amazon. com)

5) UPS: $50 (ebay. com)

6) LAN cable television: $5 (Walmart. com)

Total cost: around $2500


Automated method is sure going to be extremely effective and will help to make things easier but repair is going to be a necessity job and cannot be...

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