Comedies are more satisfying Composition

It is usually said that eventually tragedies leave the audience more satisfied than comedies. This can be particularly wrong in most movies because not series show life in a diverse perspective than tragedies carry out. Comedies frequently have a different effect on the audience due to the way disaster is portrayed in comedies. Comedies are incredibly popular to make the audience giggle, which is one of the most powerful manifestation of thoughts. Comedies also show the audience true your life, in a way that the group feels interested in the movie as a result making them happy. These 3 reasons should be analyzed to prove that not series leave the audience more happy than tragedies. " Dodgeball: a true underdog story” directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber is one of the funniest comedy films of all time, it is not because of Vince Vaughn playing the protagonist, but as a result of laughs brought by the movie. This is certainly without a doubt among the funniest videos in the funny genre. The movie does an outstanding job in affecting the audience with a effective feeling, the feeling of amusement, pleasure, and laughter. The sensation brought by film production company leaves market happier than the usual tragedy would simply because of the simple fact that the target audience is able to keep the movie having a smile issues face. " Happy Gilmore” directed by Dennis Dugan is among the most incredibly successful not series in the late 90s, despite the fact that costly old motion picture, it even now does an incredible job at portraying funny in a way few movies have been able to perform in the past. This movie shows tragedy in a very comedic fashion. Gilmore features what most people would call an " anger management problem” but at the same time it leaves the audience not feeling sorry to get the character nevertheless instead that makes them experience satisfaction and pleasure. The truth that an individual has a mental illness is definitely not funny at all however the way film production company depicts it can be. The way a tragedy can be shown influences the audience's satisfaction; it is best to keep the...

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