The three-day community immersion held previous December 15-17, 2014, exhibited the capability of the student market leaders in establishing the best practice rules and lifestyle of Brgy. Mangaan, Santol, La Union. The ROTARACT club and Justice, Peacefulness, and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) joint forces in implementing a number of hygiene-related seminars and demo which are useful in their everyday activities. The point audience was the elementary pupils of Mangaan Elementary School who also actively took part in the several lectures and demo well prepared and organized by clubs involved. In the initially day, the lecture was all about the fundamentals of right handwashing and the demonstration within the step-by-step process through the use of a song. After the lecture and demonstration, the group moved outside the room and concluded the first day with simple games. On the following day, the facilitators lectured about the primary effects of not correctly disposing one's waste, and an overview in the causes of Melindre. In this community immersion, the scholars who took part in the event came to realize just how comfortable their life is in comparison to the families to whom they are fostered to in the community. One can observe their contentment eventhough they will lack several things in their homes, but , their love of family and all their sense of contentment is greatly and widely seen during the stay of the learners. Compared to the moving into the urban area, the serenity in the night is much more peaceful in addition to their rooms, there is no need of electrical fans ever again as the breeze is really cozy and chill. The people who is located at Brgy. Mangaan, are really much favorable and didn't treat the foster children as other people. They also cared for them his or her own. The three-day knowledge was considered to end up being unforgettable in fact it is also a learning experience. Through this Danggay, several students, almost all, realized their ought to self-contentment and they also came to an area wherein they already understand how their...

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