Essay about Challenges Encountered by Girl Managers inside the Banking Sector


An instance Study of Diamond Bank Lagos


For a long time, girls had to cope with a plethora of issues in the setup of their responsibilities. The patriarchal nature in the majority societies militates against women to ascend organizational hierarchy. The majority of organizations happen to be systematically prepared for male supremacy; hence, they are not really gender natural. Women find themselves playing second fiddle to men because the core ideals of patriarchy are male domination and control of the perceived weak groups, that happen to be women. Woman subjugation and marginalization have been reinforced and perpetuated throughout the process of male or female socialization leading to women domestication. Premised about androcentricism, ladies domestic role is perceived as antithetical to public sphere activities knowledgeable by the procedure for socialization which often " elbowed” women out of your educational, personal, and macro-economic spheres. Could participation inside the mainstream overall economy was enclosed largely to agricultural creation as employees. They were therefore excluded from the full entitlements that patriarchy dutifully prolonged and shipped to men. In addition they remained furthermost from citizenry, which is equally critical to one's capacity to access and exercise nationality rights. This kind of translates girls into a property-less, right-less and privatized position (McFadden, 1995). While the existence of women in management ushered in a few feelings of hope and recognition of women's capabilities and approval of women leadership in contemporary society, collective assumptions and men customs, such as aggressiveness, domination, discrimination, and selfishness, which in turn seem to inform and dictate practice a manager, implied that ‘women work in in a number of shoes' considering that the aforesaid persuits and practices are not part of this practice of adding women in management with patriarchal core ideals seems to have manufactured life tough for females a manager. Owing to the very fact that man chauvinism resists adamantly, the autonomous status of women with regards to career improvement, managerial ladies are likely to deal with a multiplicity of problems which might include resistance, strained social relations, devaluation of assertive feminine behavior, sex harassment, job stagnation, and isolation. Feminine managers might have to work twice as harder than their man counterparts and contend with cup ceiling. Idea of ‘glass ceiling' refers to the various barriers that prevent qualified ladies from improving upward inside their organizations into management positions. For the few lucky ones who successfully pressured their way into managing positions, they may also be discriminated against. Up against the background, this kind of study searched for to investigate the challenges confronted by girls in management in the banking sector in Nigeria using Diamond bank as being a case study.


Socially and culturally, women and men have maintained to presume different tasks, duties, and identities inside their respective companies and they generally encounter different challenges. Despite having entered the workforce with qualifications and targets similar to those of men, females encounter many obstacles while organizations reflect diverse and gendered realities of life. Their marginal status has resulted in the native to the island problems of their roles in organizations being constrained and strangled simply by gender function stereotyping. The persistent stereotyping that co-workers management with maleness leads to the resistance of girl leadership, splendour, and a number of other issues. Women a manager positions happen to be therefore stagnated in terms of physical exercise of work and performance. Their very own career progress is subsequently hindered as they usually hit a metaphorical " cup ceiling” which in turn prevents them from carrying on to elderly management. Consequently, they continued to be invisible in the upper echelons of businesses. The...

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