Essay regarding digital logic lab launch

Lab one particular: Digital Logic Lab Launch

Date of experiment: 1/30/2014

Date of Submission: 6/2/2014

Submitted by simply: Evgeniya Koshelyaevskaya

Group lovers: Constantin Bercov, Rachel Revzin

College of Staten Island


1 ) To get familiar with the Cadet train station and the standard equipment employed for the research. 2 . To review the behavior with the IC Potato chips obtained from the technician. a few. Compare theoretical data together with the obtained experimental data to verify the logic entrance. Apparatus and Materials

1 . RECENT Station

2 . Logic ubung

3. Wiring

4. IC Chips

a. 7400 (two-input NAND)

n. 7402 (two-input NOR)

c. 7404 (inverter)

d. 7408 (two-input AND)

e. 7432 (two-input OR)

f. 7486 (two-input XOR)


1 . After having familiar with the station offered by the specialist we located all the common sense indicators for the right side and logic switches on the left of the INEXPERIMENTE as well as we all noted the holes inside the plastic remove near the changes and LED's that were required in order to connect the wiring. 2 . It is necessary to make sure that +5/+V switches nearby the logic signals are set to +5 Versus which is default logic volt quality levels. several. Connection of logic changes with the reasoning indicators supplies a low result before we all turn on the switch along with we do the switch corresponding to the logic indicator and provides the substantial output. 5. The next step would be to locate the holes, which will would provide the compatible TTL output. five. After connecting wires from TTL for the logic indications and environment the scale in order to " 1” and than sliding regularity control to " 0. 1” while the output we got a regularly glowing " high” end result and blinking " low” output with a low consistency control. If we move the switch of function generator from " 0. 1” to " 1” we can observe a reliable high end result LED glowing and " low” result green LED's glowing with a higher frequency. Once we observe the output for scale switch on " 10” and slide the frequency control from " 0, 1” to " 1” we all obtained the bottom frequency of blinking LED's and than the higher frequency of blinking LED's. For the " 100” scale change setting mild blinks continuous " high” and only when sliding swap is around the " 1” setting LED's blinking ongoing " high” which means that the logic signal show continuous " high” and " low” results at about 35 Hz frequency. 6. After connecting 7404 hex inverter and ensuring the cable connections were made the correct way we could start the RECENT station. six. We had to use the common sense probe to acquire the output which we would designate as 1s as " high” and 0s since " low” 8. Whenever we used the probe in different buy-ins of the inverter 7404 (see Picture 1, Appendix) we noticed that floor connection was " low” no matter what and also input was corresponding towards the " low” when swap was off and " high” when ever switch was on. The obtained output was inverted when the change was on it was ”low” and " high” when the switch was off. Pin number 14 stayed at at a consistent voltage certainly not depending on the location of the swap. After upgrading the cable connecting pin 14 to the +5V we have the " low” ubung 9. Following we handled the ubung on pin1 and pin2 we realized that the logic levels had been complemented: a. The probe on pin1 indicated " low” along with flipping the switch it indicated " high” w. The probe on pin2 indicated " high” along with flipping the switch that indicated " low” 10. After hooking up pin1 to the frequency generator TTL end result and establishing the consistency to 1 Hz we discovered a low blinking indicator (around 1 blink per sec). 11. Whenever we increased rate of recurrence of the sign to 90 kHz all of us observed a pulsating " high” sign which we could be just seen for the logic ubung which gave us cause to think that such a higher frequency produced alternating output. 12. The investigation with the 7486 distinctive OR (XOR) by hooking up 2 reasoning switches and a reasoning indicator to the two inputs and the outcome of the XOR gates provided us pursuing results the output was " low”...

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