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Eval Helper


Positions X of XX increasingly competitive X Class Petty Officers. Small Officer X exhibits the greatest standards of professionalism, sincerity, and devotion. Consummate specialist. His/Her input to this command's mission can not be overstated.

Ranks X of TWENTY highly competitive X Category Petty Representatives. Petty Police officer X is very conscientious and industrious. Shows an uncompromising commitment to excellence. Already performing on the level of a seasoned X Category Petty Officer (next bigger paygrade).

Ranks Times of XX highly competitive X Class Petty Representatives. Petty Officer X exhibits phenomenal leadership and skill beyond his/her paygrade. His/Her dedicated work ethic, supervisory abilities, and mastery of aircraft systems made him/her an excellent member of the X Division and this command.

Rates number By of TWENTY fiercely competitive X Class Petty Representatives for the other consecutive season. Petty Officer X is definitely the quintessential specialist with unmatched reliability, sincerity, and expertise as a (Title).

Rates high X of XX extremely talented and competitive X Class Petty Officers. Shows seasoned command, extensive specialized knowledge, and exceptional drive in every job.

Rates X of XX really talented and highly in a position X School Petty Representatives. Petty Police officer X is an intense and formative supervisor/technician/Sailor who also eagerly accepts any job and creates flawless benefits. A dazzling and increasing star with unlimited growth potential.

Rates high X of XX extremely competitive Back button Class Petty Officers. Petty Officer Times is a motivated team player and exceptionally gifted technician. His unrivaled technical knowledge and dedication provides contributed immeasurably to the achievement of the Back button Branch.

Ranks Times of TWENTY very impressive and highly capable X Class Petty Representatives. His/Her unsurpassed technical skills and leadership abilities possess placed them at the cutting edge of this squadron's Maintenance...

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