Exp105 Week2 Assignment Dissertation

Self Expression Assignment;

We have thought about what my strengths and weaknesses are with regards to online learning. One of my personal strengths has to be my dedication, when I want something My spouse and i dedicate my personal self and once there is something I truly care about Let me do anything in my power to be successful. So understanding that I really would like to get my level and truly care about this I know that my dedication and drive will be my personal greatest strengths. Of course there always are weaknesses, one of these I believe was my period management. I possess two kids, who will be my life and take a wide range of my period. Since starting orientation I use practiced putting away my research time and genuinely have done an admirable job in doing so. As long as I will keep a great schedule Let me do fine in the time management area. Another weak point would have to be the online selection, which will be a simpler weakness to overcome being I have unlimited access to this and will use much time being utilized to this.

The one thing that I learned all about Ashford University or college during orientation that will help me tremendously is that even though my personal classmates not necessarily sitting close to me in a physical perception, they are there when you need to know that you not necessarily the only one experiencing the exact same study course. When I did the discussion during week two I found various students that had a similar feelings as I and I expect that we should be able to help the other person in the future, whether or not its merely knowing We am not alone on the way I find myself. Another thing that I learned is the fact through the student portal I can find many helpful tools. I am assured that these equipment will help me personally in the future with my tasks and studies. I am going to spend some time going through the various parts of the portal and learn to use the different tools that we get very effectively. All in all positioning has been quite informative.

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