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According to the example of Nokia the corporate environment is not really at a good stage at that time. Many former employees criticise the management once they have level the organization for example " Due to the high risk the higher administration has slain the idea of feel screen” Mister. Hakkarainen (former employee) · " research was maintained by committee with Soviet style bureaucracy” Mr. Risku (Former Manager) This clearly shows the unhealthy company climate is available in Nokia making the company further transferring in to the market and technological loss it suffering from. Additional by the declaration of Mister Tirri who is a director in Nokia currently, plainly shows the adverse corporate and business climate in Nokia " We have produced real hard work to transform and open research channels” In further analysing the problem the effect of complete culture provides significantly affected on the managers of Nokia. It was a bless to experience a tough organised management in Nokia in the golden days when not much competition was there in support of they have to centered in to mass production with their superior items. But all of a sudden markets improved with mainly Apple's fast expansion in to new solutions. And all above the mobile phone marketplace competitors armed with superior technical advantage fought against with Nokia. The " slow moving giant of bureaucracy” was out dated by the new fast developing souple companies like apple. Their once " steady bureaucratic stable culture” was no longer stable. Within the company persons points out (as above mentioned) weaknesses with their Research and development managing, the big difference or pit in the corporate and business culture among higher supervision and research workers. This points out once booming style of corporate culture will fall in diverse conditions as time passes. For conform Nokia must change it is corporate ethnicities well. Likewise the climate that works within a company could have same success in other.

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