Essay in Failing Education

According to one calculation, " the amount of Americans about food plastic stamps now exceeds the combined populations of " Ak, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Region of Columbia, Hawaii, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, Fresh Mexico, North Dakota, Ok, Oregon, Rhode Island, Southern region Dakota, Ut, Vermont, Western Virginia, and Wyoming" ( That is to say, America's economy is very low, for the point, the number of residents requiring food stamps surpasses the population of 24 states combined. One can only end and ponder, what is the reason for America's decline. It is Obama's fault? Could it be your own fault? Like with all things in every area of your life, in which harmony is key, Many decline is a result of all of our own activities. Even Presidents are the result of our own activities. We pressure them and force them to make filthy underhanded methods to stay on our positive part. Taking this kind of cynical approach to life, like there is no silver lining to think about at all, it is open to question what is the cause of all of the worlds' problems? Though it may not be the primary source of each of our issues, Education plays a sizable part in our country's " failing” economy. It has been said, for many years now simply by officials, political figures, beauty pageant competitors, superstars, and Americans that our education system is out of date and very very well neglected. When a teacher or possibly a critique would be to grade the economy, it could receive a great F. To be able to raise that F into an A or B, students would normally being simply by establishing his basic fundamentals again, performing homework and studying pertaining to tests. The same basis in improving each of our economy through creating a first step toward people who can in fact become intelligent enough to fix our challenges for us. In order to even do that, education should be reformed so that we learn how to work off from freedom and creativity, in order that we do not punish failure, and adaptable in order that we can always change with all the times....

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