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Frederick Douglas story on " Learning to Examine and Write” was a great essay displaying that with an education you can overcome anything. He informed the early numerous years of him learning from the alphabet from the mistress. Then from the little young boys he fulfilled that as well thought him to read. Then being at the ship garden where he finally learned tips on how to write. This narrative is beneficial because Douglas shares many of his personal experiences, which will helped him learn to become literate.

In the first place Frederick covers living in Mater Hugh's relatives, and the early stages of his process to learning to go through. He speaks of his first instructor in getting his mistress. He details her being pious, warm and tender hearted woman. That in the beginning she was injurious to slavery. The lady began teaching Frederick the alphabet, but it reached realization what she was doing and she ceased to teach him. Douglas then simply describes her as becoming chaotic and hateful towards him as the role of a slave owner became apparent to her.

Now Frederick first supply of literacy was gone, he got a fresh plan to help himself discover how to read. He befriended a grouping of poor little light boys that he met while carrying out errands. Frederick offered poor people boys bread in return for lessons to help him learn to examine. The kids would sympathize with Douglas for your he was sure for a lifestyle of a servant.

Next Douglas recalls functioning at Durgin and Bailey's shipyard. The best of escaping to the north is provided to him here simply by an Irishman. He was wary of his words and phrases for he feared he was trying to get him to run therefore he may catch him for a prize. While on the ship garden Frederick was getting the suitable to learn to write. He would watch the deliver carpenters compose letter in timber pertaining to the ships. Then he would tell boys at yard he may write greater than them therefore he may learn more albhabets from them. Soon after while having been taking care of his master's residence; he would after that write in the spaces still left in the master's copy book...

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