Food Availability Essay

There are many elements that have brought about specific becomes food availableness in Australia in the last sixty to seventy years. These factors come underneath four main areas; ethnical, technological, economical & political.

Technology result in dramatic changes in the way food was prepared in Australia in industry and domestic your life. " Electrical power allowed for the development of many of the home appliances and tools used in foodstuff preparation” including microwaves and electric beaters. Before this " we all only applied a gasoline stove to cook” which in turn meant i was limited to soups, roasts and frying food in fat. Now with new-technology we have instant microwavable frosty meals. Globe war two lead to new manufacturing strategies which allowed mass development, preservation and straightforward transportation. Because of this plastic started to be widely available and used in creation and product packaging. Before these preservation and production strategies were released you was used to getting " a bucket of eggs, butter wrapped in paper, dairy in a billy can and glass wine bottles with silver tops, este wrapped suggest and a billy may of cream”. Food used to be more perishable and therefore less variations were available now we can make long life powdered milk, and also other foods that can last for quite a few weeks. Technology allowed the development of specific storage systems to control the surroundings and existence of food. For example at this point apples are controlled in a specific gaseous atmosphere to slow down the maturing. This means that perishable and seasonable foods just like apples are definitely more readily available nearly all year round.

Technology offers impacted tremendously on the market place. Before the 1930's there were just small niche stores such as bakers and butchers. The foodstuff was extremely fresh since food storage area was limited. There was a general store which basic things, where generally only one brand was available. Shopping was completed very in different ways around this period. " A great order was written out and you simply would take that to your...

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