Front and Back-of-the-House Essay

Magana September 3, 2013

HOTFS twelve

One of the areas I would like to start working by would defiantly have to be the Double Shrub by Hilton in Ontario CA. This can be a beautiful place that has a large amount of areas that interest myself. Both back of the house and front of the home. It has been a best selling place for most travelers and locals too. It is located near the Ontario International Airport and receives most travelers all year round. I would like to at some point work in the front of the residence so that I may meet persons and learn about different cultures. The motel has space service and 3 eating places with feasible opportunities intended for the back of the house. It has a fete and function area which brings a lot of local guest. They have a boxing event that I haven’t been to within a while yet am a big boxing enthusiast and ideas sounds great to me. There is a huge banquet area pertaining to weddings and so on which is also of interest in my experience. The Night Club, Misty's, not so much. I have been for this location for events on the few occasions and would love to work below and learn the tricks of the trade to ensure that I may use it to my own future programs of opening a sort of lodging/eatery establishment. The other place I would like to work at can be more of a little place with authentic foodstuff such as Este Merendero in La Vern CA. This place has been here seeing that 1982 which is a family owned or operated and operated restaurant that serves great Tex-Mex foodstuff. They have a small , clean, fast, great, warm food place that is inexpensive. I think I possibly could learn a lot from a location like this as I would like to get a similar set up myself. They can be located up coming to the Pomona Fairgrounds therefore they catch the attention of all sorts of fans. I look ahead to taking this kind of on and wish for the best.

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