Good Hair Essay

Final Paper/ Good Locks

You will discover three major beliefs that hinder Alice Andrews's existence progression; even so one belief hinders that the most in the novel which is demonstrated in 3 ways. Alice is usually young, Dark, bourgeois, in addition to search of all things, as her life originates her philosophy and past are challenged. First, Alice maintains the belief that it is important to look the part rather than be defined as low school or indigent. This is relevant because she becomes a hostage in a regarding pretense. Second, Alice feels she should certainly she ought to hid inescapable fact regarding where your woman comes from and lives her life deeply ashamed of her blue scruff of the neck New Jersey root base. This is relevant because it causes her to lose herself personality. Third, Alice struggles to match in the gaming elite class the girl surrounded herself by and Alice Andrews's belief it is necessary to look good and not always be labeled as low class prevents her your life progression since she becomes a prisoner in a world of pretense. Based on what she feels about interpersonal status, it seems that " great hair” is a standard of beauty and status numerous upper echelons of the Black social order in Manhattan. There was pressure from culture to promote this kind of standard of beauty inside the novel. Specifically, social status and magnificence standards are doubtless based mostly to a certain extent about physical appearance. Because Alice battled to look good in order to be recognized, it became obvious that the criteria of magnificence had a significant burden on her behalf notion. In society, African Americans carry on and struggle with the idea of good curly hair. I believe the fact that lack of proper cultural pictures and the negative social piece caused by mainstream media play a significant role in the understanding of magnificence.

One more why Alice Andrews' struggle to maintain an image caused her life progression to be impeded is because she became a prisoner in a world of pretense. Since her entire groundwork was...

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