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Journal of Business Circumstance Studies – July/August 2009

Volume a few, Number 5

Donut Prevent:

Local Competition Coming from A Nationwide Chain

Neil Terry, Western Texas A& M University or college, USA

Karyn Friske, West Texas A& M School, USA

Duane Rosa, Western Texas A& M College or university, USA

James Owens, Western world Texas A& M University or college, USA


This case can be applied undergraduate intermediate microeconomic competition fundamentals to the situation of any dominant neighborhood firm contending against a national organization. The case gives details of a donut firm with multiple locations in a mid-sized metropolis competing against a nationwide chain with more than 175 stores. Price, position, attribute variations, firm-service differentials, and differentiated subjective picture in the form of advertising are the primary forms of competition explored in the case.

Keywords: Advertising, competition, market entry, and microeconomic theory.



ith the comforting sound of early morning conversations and the smell of fresh donuts in the background, Rosemartha looks out her windows and ponders the future of the Donut End. Although firmly established for nearly thirty years, the family business faces the prospect of a nationwide franchise entering the region. Rosemartha believes competition is good for any business, yet wonders how to prepare for the arrival of Krispy Paste in Azafranado, Texas.


Rosemartha considers back to the afternoon when her mother-in-law stated, " A few open a donut store. ” Rosemartha and her husband, Rick, had relocated back to their very own hometown and were considering starting a company. They were aged enthusiastic, and thought donuts sounded such as a great prospect. Although Rosemartha and Jim had not any experience inside the donut business, Jim's mom had recently worked for Spudnuts and knew about donut-making. That kicks off in august 1974, Rosemartha and Sean opened the first Doughnut Stop in Descolorido, Texas with an initial expenditure of $2, 500 and no formal strategy. Shortly after that, a second shop opened and donuts were created in one location and moved to the other. In 1979, they will bought a doughnut mix recipe and started doing their particular blending. That they bought regional ingredients via local businesses like Holly Sugar. Regarding ten years into the business, that they became a Subchapter H corporation, and later formed two companies, the Donut Stop and a unique property organization. The company grew to up to eleven shops in the Amarillo area, averaging approximately ninety employees in any way locations combined.

Owning and operating an enterprise has provided Rosemartha and Jim an excellent applied business education. They learned various important things throughout thirty years in the donut organization. Since the starting, they were very customer-oriented and hired individuals with a similar viewpoint. Their target is to believe like a buyer. For instance, since most customers favor hot fresh donuts if they come to the shop, the Donut Stop cooks doughnuts fresh while needed. This implies they can use fewer preservatives. Their particular process of hand-cutting donuts enables them to generate twists, fritters, and other exclusive specialty products. As an energetic participant in day-to-day functions, Rosemartha provides always noted all the workers and many in the customers by simply name. The lady goes to the many locations and pitches in and does whatsoever is needed coming from 85

Log of Organization Case Studies – July/August 2009

Quantity 5, Number 4

mopping the floor surfaces to making a bank work for alter. Several Donut Stop personnel have been together with the company considering that the beginning. Customers and workers are increasingly loyal. In addition , the Donut Stop is extremely kid-friendly, seeing that children are significant customers in the donut organization. Business is way better on days and nights when children are out of school.

Donuts are about site. Rosemartha and Jim learned from encounter that to reach your goals, a store has to be on the going-to-work side in the road. Furthermore, donuts happen to be inexpensive and thus are not determined by...

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