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KDS Group can be described as renowned group in Bangladesh having varied business pursuits like garments, Textiles, Accessories, Steel Technologies and others. They have a total employee of around 8000 people.

KDS Accessories

Groundbreaking the addition to the robust garment sector KDS features most comprehensive accessories offerings of widest product selection. KDS Add-ons Started the journey having a paper corrugating unit and branched into various other operational division for KDS group and achieved to become a market leader of Garment components sources in Bangladesh.

The existing annual earnings is more than approximately CHF 9. 6th million that happen to be being concentrating on at about USD of sixteen million after the necessary within strategies and structures by 2007.

Listed here are the products of Accessories Section


To help strengthen the portfolio, KDS has recently bought stakes into one of the very best woven packaging producing products in the country. The merchandise out with their woven packaging plant screen a high finely-detailed quality; expected out of the state-of-the-art machines. To check the woven label devices, they have their own printed packaging facility to make the package finish.


A myriad of labels in nylon, silk printed brands in satin and synthetic paper middle, meter & straight flip: 200 PCS per minute.


KDS is one of the first corrugators in Bangladesh and offers excelled since. Their products continues to be setting specifications in quality that other folks followed and frequently a KDS carton box is used like a bench tag. Their products range between heavy duty planisphere for garment and sea food exports to the fine boxes made of duplex board that contain lingerie or perhaps boxes. Their very own total power is copied by the in house power generators to ensure punctually delivery whenever.


- 3 Ply, 5 Ply & several Ply Corrugated Boards producing the right field for the right task.

- Master Cartons, Interior Cartons and other types.

-- Back Planks and neck of the guitar Boards coming from Duplex Table.

- Conventional paper sources / Korea / Singapore as well as Canada / USA as well as Bangladesh

Plastic-type material Hangers

KDS has come a considerable ways since manufacturing for other brands of hangers. With Kmart approving KDS for global distribution, they have set an illustration in the industry when you are the only Hard anodized cookware Company in the world to have this kind of status. We have achieved this kind of based on the consistency in quality, solutions and staying competitive in price.


Full-range of Kmart hangers shaded size tab clips

Sewing Thread

KDS Thread was your second stitching thread manufacturing facility in Bangladesh, now having more than six years of manufacturing encounter. Their wool sources has remained reliable through the years thereby their very own quality has become consistent since that time. They have stood out obviously in the market together with the range of many and the top quality which they achieved by using top notch European equipment such as Theis for dyeing and SSM for coning.


- 20/2 3000m 30/2 2500m 50/2 4000m

- 20/3 2000m 40/2 4000m 60/2 5000m

- 20/9 500m 40/3 3000m 60/3 2500m

Offset & Printing

All their elaborate creating facility adds to the range of products KDS offers inside the package of garment accessories. Having one of the most sophisticated collection ups in Bangladesh, They have catered to a wide variety of products like tags, art works, published packaging and tickets with barcodes and an extensive array of screen stamping on all kind of textile.


All sorts of offset & screen printed material on cloth, paper and stickers, Pre-press designing & Processing, Subjecting, Developing & Plate making machines.

Poly Bags

Likewise amongst the starting poly bag manufacturers, KDS has definitely the biggest production capacities in Chittagong and one of the greatest in...

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