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Interactive Program: Organizations: Stats Help the Cincinnati Zoo Find out Its Customers

Case Study Queries

1 . What management, corporation, and technology factors were behind the Cincinnati Tiergarten losing in order to increase income

Three major causes why investments in information technology usually do not always create positive results -- Information quality which imply High-quality decisions require premium quality information -- Management filtration which suggest Managers have got selective focus and have variety of biases that reject data that does not adapt prior ideas - Company inertia and politics which meStrong pushes within businesses resist making decisions calling for major modify

2 . So why was changing legacy point-of-sale systems and implementing an information warehouse important to an information system solution? High-velocity automated making decisions

Made possible through computer algorithms precisely identifying steps for a highly organized decision Humans taken out of decision

For example: High speed computer trading programs

my spouse and i. Trades executed in 30 milliseconds

2. Responsible for " Flash Crash” of 2010

Require safe guards to ensure correct operation and regulation

a few. How do the Cincinnati oh. Zoo benefit from business intelligence? How did it boost operational performance and decision making? What function was performed by predictive analytics? Business intelligence (bi)

Infrastructure intended for collecting, saving, analyzing data produced by organization Databases, data warehouses, info marts

High velocity automated making decisions

Made possible through computer methods precisely understanding steps for any highly organised decision

Information systems can easily assist in some of the roles enjoyed by managers

4. Visit the IBM Cognos Web site and describe the business intelligence tools that would be one of the most useful for the...

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