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Howdy and welcome to your reading guide to the Burning Person Project (BMP). The fact that you will be taking the time to read this educational handbook is an indicator that you are enthusiastic about experiencing the amazing culture of Black Rock City, normally the one week 12 months hometown in the BMP.

Before you begin to read this guide I would personally encourage and have you to please disregard virtually any preconceived notion of everything you may think this comprises of. You more than likely have already been shown a concept or points of what this event is much like from press, television shows, or maybe a general hype that happens when this city is functional. The real descriptions and truth behind this event do not come from these sources. Instead, one of the most accurate tales and explanations you can receive originate from those who have participated and witnessed the event personally. There is no way to know the whole photo without truly being generally there.

Being someone who has skilled and participated in the BMP, I feel that I can write to you an over-all guide to manage to help you with organizing and your event. Just like I explained before, you have to see to believe. But before going, learning and reading by what you will encounter by someone who has been there will greatly help you get ready for the case. In this guideline we should go over topics such as the community and engagement, the lifestyle, identity, and how to help make the journey fun for you and everyone around you.

What Is The Burning Man Project?

The BMP is a community that has cultivated over the years from just a select few of people to upwards of 50, 000 persons. This large group gathers in the Dark Rock Wilderness in NW Nevada yearly and creates a wonderful community to be famous by most for a week. There are no rules on the way you should behave, other than those that serve to shield the health, safety, and well-being of the members. Hundreds of volunteers come together months before and after...

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