John Proctor: A Tragic Hero Article

Tatiana Perez

American Lit. 10

November 2012

John Proctor: Tragic Main character

As people, we each display certain traits and qualities that define our personality and form our personalities. The way in which all of us carry ourselves establishes our reputations, and also how other folks identify us. We are every prone to making mistakes, and unfortunately, the mistakes all of us make can impact the way persons see us as well. The struggle to restore a good identity can be challenging and uncertain once they've reputation is usually tarnished. In Arthur Miller's timeless enjoy, The Crucible, a well-respected man named John Proctor betrays his wife and struggles to gain her forgiveness and his good name inside the village of Salem. Though John Proctor betrays his wife, he remains the tragic leading man of the play for this individual recognizes his faulty actions and passes away with sincerity and integrity in the end. Inside the play, David Proctor holds a tragic flaw leading him to his drop. Proctor embodies the lethal sin of lust, to get he works upon his attraction to a young, sneaky, and strikingly beautiful woman in the community named Abigail Williams and betrays his wife. Although he endeavors to detachment himself by his trouble, as well as Abigail, she declares, " I know how you clutched my back again behind your home and sweated like a stallion whenever We come near! ” (Miller 22) Abigail's assertion uncovers proof regarding the key relationship she and John Proctor previously shared. Both she and Proctor know the dimensions of the relation that they shared can be wrong, and this detail shows how his tragic catch of lust led him to devote such a faulty action he can not expose to anyone. While Proctor is constantly on the conceal his past marriage with Abigail, his better half Elizabeth's accusations of the two having associated begin to surface when he by accident reveals they were alone jointly. In shock, Elizabeth says, " Ruben, you are not available with me. You saw her with a crowd, you said. ” (Miller 55) Elizabeth's uncertainty in her husband's claims...

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