Kite Athlete Essay

Hassan - Amir's ideal childhood good friend. He was frequently bullied simply by Assef wonderful followers Kamal and Wali. He was Ali's son although later inside the novel, it can be revealed that he is truly the son of Baba and Amir's buddy. Late in the book, they allow us to find out by saying that there is a unique closeness that individuals who fed from the same breasts talk about. He was terribly educated and stood up for what he believed in, regardless if it intended dying because of it. He usually stood on with Amir regardless of the consequence, even if its him being raped. In the end in the novel, he does obtain shot because of not giving up Amir's property following he had moved to America.

Amir - The key character who may be the child of Effare. His mom died during childbirth. He always contains himself liable and magic what issues would be as though his mom had not died. He has always looked up to Etonne and wondered why Effare is so far away with his emotions. He befriended Hassan since a child and they became inseparable. He was educated and read to Hassan often but frequently he do become a victim of expert pressure and bullied Hassan even though Hassan would always stand up for him.

Assef -- The bully in Amir and Hassan's childhood account. He thought he was greater than them both and always referred to Hassan as a Hazara, and miracles why Amir hangs out with him. Amir is actually a Pashtun that are referred to as the " Genuine Afghans" This individual later spent my youth to be a section of the extremist group called the Taliban and tried to control the people of Afghanistan. He ruled a trafficking system that Amir later kept a child via.

Baba -- Amir's daddy who only wanted a much better life pertaining to his boy. Baba usually tried to make Amir fully stand up for him self and attempted to make his son become more like him. Baba is an extremely noble and well highly regarded man, struggles to connect, nor understand his twelve year old son, Amir. This lack of understanding, contributes to Baba being unable to satisfy the needs of Amir, as being a father will need to. Baba is incredibly renowned...

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