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Lab one particular: Introduction to the Primates

1 . Which of these items or features could possibly be studied with a physical anthropologist? a. A ceramic pot from an early civilization.

n. The ruins of an historical Mayan forehead.

c. The fossilized skeleton of an early primate.

d. Religious traditions in a variety of several cultures.

installment payments on your Paleoanthropology is definitely ________.

a. the biology of man growth habits

b. study regarding evolutionary history from the

primates including humans

c. the study of living primates

d. the composition and function from the human


3. The fundamental biological and behavioral similarities between human beings and other primates can be followed back to ________.

a. prevalent ancestry

b. environmental elements

c. species-specific adaptations

d. genetic drift

4. Which in turn of the subsequent characteristics

are generally not generally found in primates?

a. highly mobile fingers and toes

w. a relatively large brain

c. a heightened sense of smell

d. it tends to live in social


a few. Cladistics can be described as biological classification system that groups creatures by ________. a. similar traits simply

b. pleisomorphic traits only

c. apomorphic traits simply

d. synapomorphic traits simply


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6. Which arcivescovo radiation's

distribution is showed

by the featured (orange.


a. New World monkeys

m. lorises and galagos

c. lemurs

g. lesser apes

7. Except for humans, primate species ________.

a. most have very limited ranges

b. are not present in Australia and Japan

c. tend to are in deserts

d. mostly are in the warm zones of Africa, Asia, and the Unites states.

8. View the figure. The most sexually dimorphic hominoid is definitely the ________. a. gorilla

m. gibbon

c. chimpanzee

m. orangutan

at the. baboon


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