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The effect of Extending on Sports Injury Risk: A Systematic Review of the Materials STEPHEN N. THACKER1, JULIE GILCHRIST2, DONNA F. STROUP3, and C. DEXTER KIMSEY, JR. several 1

Epidemiology Program Office, 2National Centre for Personal injury Prevention and Control, and 3National Center for Long-term Disease Prevention and Well being Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atl, GA

SUMMARY THACKER, S i9000. B., J. GILCHRIST, D. F. STROUP, and C. D. KIMSEY, JR. The effect of Stretches on Sports activities Injury Risk: A Systematic Overview of the Books. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., Vol. thirty six, No . three or more, pp. 371–378, 2004. Goal: We conducted a systematic assessment to assess evidence for the effectiveness of stretching as a tool to prevent injuries in sports and to help make it recommendations for exploration and reduction. Methods: With no language limitations, we researched electronic data bases, which includes MEDLINE (1966 –2002), Current Contents (1997–2002), Biomedical Collection (1993–1999), the Cochrane Catalogue, and SPORTDiscus, and then recognized citations by papers retrieved and contacted experts in the field. Meta-analysis was limited to randomized trials or cohort research for concours that included stretching. Research were excluded that was missing controls, by which stretching cannot be evaluated independently, or where research did not consist of subjects in sporting or perhaps fitness actions. All articles or blog posts were scanned initially by one author. Six of 361 identified articles in comparison stretching to methods to stop injury. Data were abstracted by one author and after that reviewed individually by 3 others. Data quality was assessed individually by three authors using a previously standard instrument, and reviewers attained to overcome substantive variations in interpretation. We all calculated weighted pooled chances ratios based on an intention-to-treat analysis and subgroup analyses by quality score and study style. Results: Stretching was not substantially associated with a reduction in total injuries (OR 0. 93, CI 0. 79 –1. 11) and comparable findings looked in the subgroup analyses. Summary: There is not sufficient evidence to endorse or perhaps discontinue regimen stretching just before or after physical exercise to prevent damage among competitive or recreational athletes. Even more research, specifically well-conducted randomized controlled trial offers, is urgently needed to determine the proper function of stretching out in sports activities. Key Words: SPORTSMEN, CONDITIONING, META-ANALYSIS, SYNTHESIS

tretching before participation in athletic activities can be standard practice for all numbers of sports, competitive or recreational. Athletes, trainers, trainers, physiotherapists, and physicians recommend stretching in an effort to the two prevent injury and improve performance; several journal articles and books are dedicated to the topic, offering a variety of approaches directed to different parts of the body and then for specific sporting activities (1). While more persons participate in sports activities and other outdoor recreation through sociable changes (e. g., Title IX) and increased identification that physical exercise is part of a healthy life-style, injury avoidance becomes crucial. However , a lot of


Talk about for messages: Stephen B. Thacker, Meters. D., M. Sc., Movie director, Epidemiology System Office, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, MS C08, The atlanta area, GA 30333; E-mail: [email protected] gov. Published for distribution June 2003. Accepted intended for publication August 2003. 0195-9131/04/3603-0371 MEDICINE & SCIENCE IN SPORTS & EXERCISEВ® Copyright laws В© 2005 by the American College of Sports Medicine DOI: 12. 1249/01. MSS. 0000117134. 83018. F7

detectives have inhibited the routine practice of stretches and contend that there is small evidence that stretching pre- or postparticipation prevents damage and that it may affect functionality negatively (82, 93). In particular, a recent organized review (35) concluded that the best available...

Sources: diorespiratory and muscular fitness and flexibility in healthy adults. Med. Sci. Sports. Exerc. 30: 975–991, 1998.

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