Puerto Vasto Essay



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San Juan

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San Juan & Puerto Vasto

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Old San Juan




Car Rentals

Attractions & Excursions (Overview)

Destinations & Excursions (Alphabetical)

Plazas (Old San Juan)

Top Ten Things to Do

Beach locations

Local Meals & Beverage



Shopping (plus Old San Juan street-by-street)



PuertoВ RicoВ & В SanВ JuanВ

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Beneficial Websites

www.puertoricowow.com; (for up-to-date local news and info) http://www.frommers.com/destinations/puertorico/ (the best of Puerto Rico from Frommer's)

http://www.covacations.com/Frommers (Continental/Frommer getaway guide to PR) http://www,fodors.com/world/caribbean/PR (choice PR travel experiences coming from Fodors) www.travelmaps.com; (interactive area maps)

http://travelandsports.com/ (create your own MasterGuide to Desfiladero Rico) http://www.prwow.com/ (Puerto Rican information portal)

http://www.meetpuertorico.com/ (information from Muelle Rican Meeting Bureau) http://www.gotopuertorico.com/PDFs/guide_north_eng.pdf (San Juan & North travel guide) http://welcome.topuertorico.org/index.shtml (Magaly Rivera's homage to Malograr Rico) http://www.iit.edu/~PR/prne.html (directions, roadmaps and photographs of going to areas of Puerto Rico) http://www.photosofpuertorico.com/movies.htm (photos and videos of PR) http://www.eyetourpuertorico.com/ (interactive self-employed guide to Puerto Rico) http://gopuertorico.about.com/ (PR travelling information via about. com) http://www.gotopuertorico.com/; (Puerto Rico Tourism Company search engine) http://www.gotopuertorico.com/travelplanner/flash/imap. en. php (travel planning interactive map) http://www.gotopuertorico.com/puerto-rico-entertainment. php (find concert events, shows and events) www.gotopertorico.com; (small site with what you need, when you need it) http://www.musicofpuertorico.com/index.php/links/hits/ (current popular music of Malograr Rico. ) http://www.mensjournal.com/pr/?esitecname=Men%27s+Journal (PR video diary with The writer Harding) http://www.puertoricodaytrips.com (extensive strolling tour of OSJ and Puerto Rican day trips) http://www.downislandmagazine.com/Paseo.html (eat, drink check out adventurous Muelle Rico)

www.casiano.com/quepasa (" La cual Pasa” mag and maps)

http://www.qpsm.com/ (" Puerto Potentado Guest” publication; lots of content articles & images; everything Puerto Rican! ) http://www.truveo.com/Top-Ten-Puerto-Rico-Old-San-Juan/id/3860834861 (Discovery shows upon Puerto Rico) http://www.culebradivers.com/topdives.htm (Culebra diving tours) http://www.topozone.com/states/PuertoRico.asp?county=San+Juan&feature=Park (topographical maps)

http://www.solboricua.com/sanjuan.htm (images of Old San Juan) www.sanjuaninbox.com (home style living in San Juan)

http://www.epictrip,com/San-Juan-travel-l29615,Puerto-Rico.html (one of the best reviews EVER BEFORE written)

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PuertoВ RicoВ & В SanВ JuanВ

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To Condado

Ocean Park

Isla Verde

Santurce &

Increased San Juan

Isla Enorme Airport

Cruise Piers #2-6

To Luis Muniz Marin

International Airport

(7 miles to OSJ)

Sheraton Old San Juan

Boat dock #1

La Casita (Tourist Info)



Paseo de la Princesa

Howard Manley Inn

Unir Norzagaray

San Juan Gate

La Margarita

El Monasterio Hotel

San Juan Cemetery

Old San Juan

Este Morro

Puerto Rico has over three hundred and fifty miles of coastline and a human population of 5 million. It is a dependent terrain of the ALL OF US facing the Atlantic for the north plus the Caribbean around the south plus the oldest Spanish settlement below American...

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