My hobby Essay

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All of us have their own hobbies and so do I. Whenever I use spare time, I often the actual following things. First of all, I prefer reading ebooks. I started out reading literature when I was more than your five years old. I love reading mainly because reading will help me loosen up after a hard-working day. Furthermore, reading books helps myself improve my English and widen my own social expertise. Whenever I have free time, I often sit in my place and read books such as history books, novels, clinical books, and the like. Secondly, I really like going out with my buddies on week-ends. We can go camping, take photos and discuss together. Occasionally, we see a café to chat and share happiness and sadness. Finally, I also enjoy cooking. At night, I often prepare a supper with various meals for my children. I feel happy because everybody like and congratulate on my cooking. Journal Writing – Thanh Tung

Everyone has their particular hobbies therefore do I. When I have spare time, I frequently do the subsequent things. Firstly, I like browsing books. I started browsing books when I was much more than 5 years old. I enjoy reading because studying helps myself relax after a hard-working working day. Furthermore, studying books allows me improve my English and expand my interpersonal knowledge. Anytime I have leisure time, I frequently sit in my room and read books such as history books, books, scientific ebooks, and the like. Second of all, I love seeing my friends about weekends. We are able to go camping, have photographs and talk together. Sometimes, we all go to the café to conversation and share joy and sadness. Finally, I actually also enjoy cooking food. In the evenings, My spouse and i often prepare a dinner with assorted dishes intended for my family. I feel very happy because everyone like and compliment on my preparing food.

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