My Target of Being a CEO Dissertation

п»їChiderah Onyeukwu

Professor Merino

CES 102

1 The spring 2012

Grand Challenges Dissertation

My wish job will be the CEO of a Fortune-500 corporation included in software or perhaps computing. We plan to work with both my business skills and my abilities as a pc engineer to work my own way the corporate corporate until I actually reach that ultimate objective. As CEO, several tasks I will need to face will be the decision-making and leadership facets of the company. While the leader in the company, Let me probably come across tough decisions such as whether to keep certain employees or perhaps how to dedicate company cash; it will be my personal job to manage these conditions to the most of my capability.

The chief executive official of a firm reports towards the Board of Directors, and so no CEO is truly liberated to do anything with no bounds until he or she is as well the owner of the organization. The CEO is also the chief communicator in the company so it will be my personal job to work closely with commanders of others and even members of the mass media with the objective of making my company the best company it can be.

As being a future pc engineer, the grand obstacle I would oftimes be most useful solving would be the challenge of protecting cyberspace. To aid solve this grand challenge, it would be essential for me to make an effort to engineer more secure, more secure software program that could identify possible removes of secureness faster or perhaps would be inexplicable to begin with. In the event that such computer software was developed, mass-produced, and purcahased by the public, problems such as cyber criminals accessing govt files and folks falling patient to identification theft could rapidly drop. In addition , the battle of securing cyberspace is a success.

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