Essay in Business Integrity Reflection

Business Ethics Reflection

When one is faced with moral dilemmas she or he needs to go through the situation all together and know what the outcome from the situation would be and to whom it may effect. As I keep in mind facing a issue when asked to write this kind of paper what came to brain was dreamland to decide the way i was going to deal with a fellow employee in knowing that the lady was stealing money and this she was abusing each of our friendship by simply coming into work day and night, work overtime on a regular basis. The lady was a one mom of one and was struggling for making ends meet but that gave her not any right to grab from the business and do not generate it directly to take advantage of the friendship. My personal dilemma was that of having to report her. This person required advantage of the friendship when working together also to me which makes it harder at times to record a person to those of authority. I looked at her situation but that would not make me transform my mind to report her. First, I actually made sure it turned out her taking the money and I monitored the amount of money for a week to determine about how precisely much she was acquiring from the signup so that I was able to include something to follow up on once i reported her. I then went to my director and reported the occurrence and asked that we both sit down and talk to her and clarify what we know and how we realize of her stealing funds from the signup. After the sit back with this employee all of us let her know that there were outcomes of her actions and this she would definitely have to be let go from the company. We could have got pressed costs against her but we all chose to not since the amount of money was not a lot. The meaning issue in this dilemma is a person taking advantage of one's friendship which of dropping a close good friend. This person place our becoming friends at risk and checked out our friendship as it was okay to take the money and that nothing at all would happen to...

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