Important Themes Portrayed in The Kite Runner

Novels must be catching to eye; a great book has to possess certain characteristics to allow the reader to be engaged in the novel and be able to make personal cable connections or recommendations to their every day lives. Creating a theme provides the novel an edge and provides an impressive better account to read. 3 key designs that are described in the book The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini are betrayal, forgiveness and atonement. Inside the novel The Kite Athlete, betrayal is one of the key styles. Many personas in the novel portray betrayal but one which is most lucid to the audience is Amir. Amir portrays betrayal if he allows his loyal good friend Hassan to get raped by Assef, the hometown bully. In the end that Hassan has done for Amir: staying by his side, getting the only the case loyal friend he genuinely had, Amir's selfish act of wanting Baba's take pleasure in causes him to betray Hassan. Following Amir says " I actually watched Hassan get raped” (91), he realizes having been not right now there in Hassan's time of will need. Another example of Amir laying out betrayal is definitely when he structures Hassan in stealing the money and the view. After requesting Baba to remove Ali and Hassan, this individual tries to get another way to get them to leave. Throughout this act, Amir also betrays Baba his own dad by framing Hassan and allowing Ali and Hassan to leave. Amir's disobedience causes Baba to loose not only a servant but a long-time friend and an item of him this individual cannot ever get back. This kind of creates a large amount of internal turmoil for Amir therefore he tries to prevent his complications thinking it can stop the mountain of guilt he feels. Amir's betrayal not simply causes him to be a bad companion but inflicts on his ability to function. Forgiveness may be the second crucial theme described in the new The Kite Runner. One of the most forgiving persona in the book is Hassan. Hassan may be the type of one who is openhearted and is in a position to let go of the worst of situations. Many faulty events have occurred...

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