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A study to understand market acceptability of Pepsi Atom

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" A report to understand industry acceptability of Pepsi Atom”

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The project offers an overview with the Indian soft drink market numerous players, fresh entrants etc . The focus on of the project is to be familiar with launch of PepsiCo's fresh drink Pepsi Atom and its market acceptability.

PepsiCo's drink don't appeal to masses. Inspite of the ground breaking ideas, 360 degree advertising a grand item launch the product didn't flourish.

PepsiCo being a huge company introducing such an item can be doubtful. One of the motives could also be the fact that huge plan could help manufacturer recall. Soft drink Atom was target with consumers who require stronger beverage. It was to attack the market share of Coca-cola's Thums Up; nonetheless it failed.


I would like to express my personal gratitude to any or all those who have helped to make this project a success. I would like to thank my project guide, Prof. Rajesh Vyas without his guidance and support this project would not have been possible.

Likewise I would like to thank each of our director Dr . Kalim Khan who has supplied us together with the necessary infrastructure and assistance in the course of the project. As well I would like to take this possibility to thank each of the teaching and also nonteaching staff for their continuous help and support.


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Indian Fizzy drinks Market – Detailed Report


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Company Overview: PepsiCo Inc.


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Pepsi Atom – The Josh Soda from Soft drink


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1 ) An Overview of Indian Foodstuff and Drink Sector

The Indian meals and drink sector is definitely huge and highly competitive in characteristics. The sector comprises of a number of sub-sectors just like fruits & vegetables, meat & poultry, dairy, marine products, cause and customer foods. Treat is one of the significant segments with the packaged food division, which will comes within the broad category consumer food. Though the treats market in India is dominated by unorganized sector, the organized sector has demonstrated remarkable growth in terms of business in the last couple of years.

The survey provides a overview of the Indian snack industry which has observed several adjustments since 1995. In the preliminary years, industry was centered by two players -- traditional snacks player Haldiram and 'Uncle Chips' maker Amrit Agro. Later on, with all the entry of global beverage and snacks player PepsiCo, the industry dynamics transformed completely. Today, the market is definitely dominated by simply PepsiCo with its wide range of product portfolio. The other key players incorporate Parle Agro, ITC, Parle Products, Balaji Wafers and Parle Wafers among others. A number of regional players have also moved into the market within the last few years and they are giving lots of competition to the big players.

This year India's softdrink market grew about 23% to 435. 54 mil rupees ($7. 29 billion) from 353. 77 , 000, 000 rupees, while the carbonated refreshments business grew 13% to 179. 51 million rupees from 158. 71 mil rupees this summer, Euromonitor data showed.

1 . 1 . A. Indian Soft Drinks...

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The article is usually published inside the 2010 copy of theAnnual Marketing Mag titled " MADazine" of VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur.

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