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Erik Peterson


* Service was to continue to subscribers Feb . 1, in that case April you * Fresh to cellular sector

* No VP of Operations so Peterson reports to Jenkins in his eyes (president and founder) but verbiage said " Jenks will pay close attention). Peterson actually reported to Shaun Hardy (D of Budgets and Plans). Peterson should have clarified credit reporting structure primarily. Peterson didn't respect Sturdy due to by no means ran systems and young experience. 5. GMCT is at pre-operating level with twenty one cells with 16 functional when program turned on. Staying 5 would be added during 1st almost eight months of operation to expand insurance

1 . What problems are facing Erik Peterson


* First reporting structure of Jenkins versus Robust

2. Initial construction of mobile towers (subcontracted) was a few weeks behind and in addition they only got 3 weeks until turn on time. Peterson termed relationship and got new subcontractor. * Main engineer Curt Andrews wasn't planning or organizing required to assure products and items arrived when needed. (personnel problem) * Curt was well known and performed his way up nevertheless Peterson noticed that Curt failed to have admin ability or knowledge to begin up new operation. Nor had encounter in this industry. Peterson felt that Curt didn't trust him therefore Curt resisted change and direction 2. 1on1 sessions for about to assist with Curt

5. Weekly meetings directed by Peterson (should have got get in via Curt because he wasn't definitely involved) 5. Peterson established an inventory control reporting program but Curt resisted 2. Problem was the lack of trust between Curt to Peterson yet Peterson not holding Curt responsible. Soft strategy with training but when will you reprimand? Robust didn't accept the " suggestion” to transfer Curt. * Curt had complications with Melissa Miczek (Petersons secretary) and with Todd Jones (Radio engineer sup) 5. Trevor (CS sup) and Curt...

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