Attendance Monitoring System 1 Essay


Through the different stages of cultures man often tried to try to find ways to generate their operate and your life easier. Guy was hardly ever satisfied, and so the concept of automation was placed on give methods to different complications from the several fields of Agriculture, Market, Academic and even more. Most of the corporations or institutions nowadays will be implementing automated techniques and processes to satisfy their growing needs, it will be finest defined simply by widely used of computers and also other devices. According to the website polson. k12. mt. us, " Students usually begin each new university year with excitement and enthusiasm – even if that they don't present it to adults. The anticipation of recent classes, new friendships, and renewing aged friendship gives real inspiration for daily attendance at school during those early weeks. ” Unfortunately, after a few weeks several students, particularly those who no longer perform well in school, become sloppy about frequent attendance. Absent a few classes seems insignificant to all of them. It is important for any student to have regular institution attendance, because it is difficult pertaining to young people to find out if they're not in the lecture. In addition , almost all of the lessons happen to be presented to students relying on or associated with those that forwent it. Consequently , student who misses each day of school also misses every day of education which can not be retrieved. You can also get researches that show those students that have regular school attendance may be successful during their school years.

It is the school officials particularly the instructors, to take care of and monitor the student's attendance, this process task is not an easy job, since it should be done on a regular basis. But even if the schools do their job in monitoring and preserving the students' attendance, one other task which can be informing the parents or guardians of the college student if the student missed or perhaps skipped a category. AMA Computer College Cabanatuan branch began on Summer 14, 1999. The campus is a personal computer school which offers undergrad degree. The instructors inside the said college manually maintain and monitor the students' attendance and the record can be saved to a traditional class record, as it is done by hand the process is definitely prone to errors. And because the record ought to be kept for long periods of time the area needed to keep the records also becomes a problem. There are also moments that the trainers forgot to check the attendance. At the end from the week the instructors need to manually give a summarized replicate of the attendance, then move it to the admission official of the college, he/she is the person accountable for notifying the guardians in the students regarding the students defaut. The admission officer physically sends communication to the adults of the college students via SMS. The investigator of this research and faculty of AMACC has come up to an idea of developing a computerized program known as Automated Campus Attendance Monitoring Bar Coded IDENTIFICATION and Notification System by means of SMS, a hardware and software package that will minimized the work needed in checking the students' presence and informing the guardians about their students' absences. The proposed system will not only reduce the work required in monitoring the students' attendance however it will also automate the process of updating the guardians of the students. In addition , in the event the new technology can be implemented you can use it by the college to be technically competitive to other universities.

Statement with the problem

This analyze seeks to produce a systematic Automated Campus Presence Monitoring Bar Coded IDENTITY and Notice System by means of SMS which is designed specifically for AMA Computer College Cabanatuan branch.

The following questions are specifically handled in the research:

1 . How may the Automated Campus Attendance Monitoring Bar Coded ID and Notification System via SMS be developed in terms of:

a. Programming...

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