Presentation Summarize Essay

Presentation describe

1 . Introduce fashion design

2 . Tow advancement in fashion style

a) The development of science and technology progress.

People used to make clothing all will need through sewing machine, scissors, etc . must be done by side, now with the development of social research and technology invented the newest machine, can easily automatically create does not need any man, tailoring regular sewing clothes. b) Material

Prior to people just used 2 or 3 kinds of clothing materials to generate clothes, at that time just used one kinds of material to generate clothes. And today we can combining variety of materials to make clothing and let the clothes more more powerful and feel at ease. c) Brassiere

Before the brassiere only a corsets, right up until 19th 100 years, Mary Phelps Jacob invention the brassiere that may really freedom of feminine waist, allow them to feel more at ease. d) Advent of the computer system, shop online

Introduced of the computer system people can shop online that they don't need to venture out side can get everything what they want.

3. Modify brought the developments.

a) To improve effectiveness

Solved the problem of the lack on variety

Personnel can reduce the workload

Work quality surge

b) May prevent the skin injured by simply bad materials or allergic reaction.

More slender

More mild

Even more soft

Some material can even protect ultraviolet ray, avoid sunburn. c) Adjust, fix the torso shape

Aid the growth with the chest

In summer may breathablility

d) The shop can get extra income

Customers may easy pick the style material color the actual like. Don't need waste materials whole day walk to the different clothes shop and finally didn't get almost everything. Just need to wait around at home the clothes will arrival to your residence.

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