primary cementation Essay

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Doctor D. E Gupta

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Department of Petroleum and Earth Savoir Engineering

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Model description:

The model consists of an external cylinder representing the casing. Inside the casing is a tube of smaller diameter which usually represents the drill string. To the lower end of this tube (drill string) is attached a low return device (a straightforward rubber diaphragm in this case). Now the cement slurry is pumped through the drill string followed by buffer answer. The hydrostatic head given by drilling substance after barrier solution in real time is transformed by a physically weighted intervention which pushes the bare cement into the exercise string after which enforces it to move through the annulus. The non go back valve will help for just one way motion of driven cement slurry. Replica of varied equipments basically used in the industry is utilized: Guide Sneaker

Float Back of the shirt


Lower part Plug/Wiper Put

Top Plug/Shut Off Put

Non come back valve (NRV)

Three pistons are used rather than mechanical sends in the style. The first piston contains water, utilized to wash the well my spouse and i. e the spacer liquid. Second intervention contains cement (colored blue water with this case). Third piston includes displacing substance, used to shift fluid till shut off connect lands about float training collar. The Exercise String:

Operational Procedure:

1 . Fill piston one with water. Close P2 and P3, open P1. Utilize the fluid. The water will certainly enter the casing after passing through the drill string. As a result, the very well is rinsed. 2 ....

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