Inventory Control System and Sophie Paris Essay



The birth of Sophie Paris is dependent on motivation. A spirit in order to new grounds and to make a dynamic world of fashion. Sophie Paris was developed with products corporate traditions, by implementing creativity, development and hard work. Good quality, great design and accuracy in designing latest trend fashion products have been our strong points in offering pride and confidence to the Sophie Paris customers. Today they are likely to share all their success. Accomplishment at Sophie Paris does not depend on capital or education. Rather, success at Sophie Paris will depend in the hands of the members, on their motivation, and power to work hard and also to build a good and effective network. It was founded in Jakarta in 1992 simply by French businessman Bruno Hasson, Sophie Paris, france has become Indonesia's favorite accomplishment story. Beginning with a internet marketing handbag production business, it includes boomed in the country's major fashion business of its kind. With over 100 thousand lively members shifting an average of 50, 000 items per day, the Sophie Paris, france mania has always been unmatched. With constant exploration on the newest fashion trends in Europe, Sophie Paris can easily offer the greatest and most highly respected products designs in the world of style. The company offers unceasingly become the preference of virtually all cross-cultural markets via various profits brackets. Setting up a culture of entrepreneurship, sincerity, recognition and success, Sophie Paris Intercontinental has started with its objective to offer the same opportunities throughout the world, With international branches on Morocco, the Philippine, and after this in Vietnam. The highly proven Sophie Incentive Prepare has created co many successful reports that are however to be duplicated in their purest form.

Sophie Paris organization uses a manual system in processing studies, updating documents, and in making other transactions related to revenue and products on hand. The company presently does not include any software to help the employees complete the product sales and products on hand report. This only uses hard copies to keep records of the products on hand. It is their very own base record storage nonetheless it cannot be averted that those replications were degrade due to unforeseen event. While the proponents have noted, records aren't yet a big problem to get the company because they are not that big and with a single stall. In the long run it is going to face problems regarding paper works. One example of possible concerns is the creation of studies. If records are lost, reports turn into incomplete mainly because reports depend on the hardcopies. Creation of reports is incredibly time consuming and takes a difficult experience to search the records. One more possible trouble of the company is the standard checking of the products. Each day it keeps track of the items and which is likewise time consuming. Manual transactions are susceptible to inaccurate finalizing, same with the handling of items and the upgrading of data. This problem takes a lot of manpower and period. Another is actually the security of information. It is susceptible to virus and altering threats like illegal users. These kinds of must be averted. Hence, these kinds of problems as a whole are very significant for the organization.

The business enterprise process between supplier and the company is just as follows: The manager and stockman can conduct an actual inventory to look for the availability of the items. If there is period, the physical inventory will be done every Everyday. They will conduct an inventory to check if there are items that previously reached the critical level. But this technique is not necessarily happening. There are occasions that they only conduct physical inventory around the product after two, three days, seven days or more. The salesperson or the manager will then make a purchase order statement for the things on essential level. Then your agent from the supplier can pick up the order list. The going back process is that they keep the item to be went back in a cabinet/shelf and prior to end through the day they phone the...

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