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The Problem Young Today Face


Teenager currently facing various difficulties in their life. Problem

Economical Problem

Trouble 1: Materialism nowadays all of us live in a society tat promotes materialism. Youth today are gauge the sucess and happiness is obviously is simply how much stuff they may have. They naturally want things especially if all their friends possess something related.

Problem a couple of: The junior cannot graduate/ even dropout of school with no going though the pains of low- income job.

Internal Problem

Trouble 1: Despression symptoms of young adults that can develop feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy above their degrees. The teen that facing depression always irresponsible on their patterns. Besides, this will likely affect unexpected drop in grades.

Issue 2: Teens also face binge eating disorders. This will be happening in teenager that between the age ranges of tough luck and twenty-five. Majority occurs on women.

Emotional Problem

Problem one particular: Anger management and tension work in identical ways, which is partly because of the identical makeup of anger and stress.

Problem 2: Everybody experiences solitude from time to time, persons don't usually talk about thoughts of isolation, and don't often know what to do with these emotions. Other than getting emotionally painful, loneliness can impact people in several ways:

Social Issue

Problem one particular: Teenagers happen to be addict to smoking via meeting a friend, they also involve themselves in alcoholisme.

Issue 2: Teenagers are also usually like to sign up for illegal race that impacted by friends.



Solving 1: Father and mother must manage to get thier children find out whatever they want that is within the financial capacity to do or not. children also want to control themselves type pursue stubbornly with famous brands.

Resolving 2: Study hard to pass in test for college graduation and do not do the same oversight again. In order to find a suitable job or perhaps can find a top salary job.


Resolving 1 ...

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